Our Photographers


When I'm really seeing the world is when I feel most awake. My love-affair with light paired with my joy in celebrations made me fall in love with wedding photography right away. I inherited my love of photography from my Dad and Grandpa, (one of the many parallels Louise and I share) and photography has been part of my life as far back as I remember. I studied fine art photography at K-State and Columbia College Chicago. It's a craft that keeps me endlessly intrigued and forever inspired.


I wanted to be a photographer when my Dad gifted me my first camera. I learned from him and my Grandfather. I’ve discovered an amazing connection to people that happens through this path; it has catapulted my work far beyond what I ever thought a wedding photographer did. I’ve found myself to be not only an artist but a storyteller & a counselor. I’m obsessed with the beautiful energy and power of people and places.


I got into photography as a profession after moving to Kansas City from Nashville where I was pursuing a career in music. The relationships, stories, and experiences I've acquired from my lifestyle as a photographer are irreplaceable. In addition to shooting as an Associate Photographer with Paper Sun, I work extensively in the editorial and fashion world.